A. Short Query
A1. We do not charge professional fees for short queries on the subject matter
A2. Kindly restrict to 2 questions only
A3. Your query should be based only on real case
A4. If required will ask for relevant documents or more information for clarification
A5. Your query will be answered by practising lawyers with 4-7 years as practising Indian lawyers
A6. The answer to the query should not be construed as client-attorney relation or as legal advise by internationalarbitration.in

B. Recommendation of Law Firm/ Solicitor firm
Should you desire that we recommend you to a law firm/ solicitor firm practising international arbitration for your case we shall be glad to assist you
B1. Please forward a summary of your case for us to understand the technicalities involved; industry and practice areas
B2. Based on the above information we may recommend you to two solicitors/ lawyers from a solicitor firm/law firm
B3. If you can also forward to us your budget for the arbitration this will further asssist us to recommend to you accordingly
B4. You are free to acceept or reject our recommendations
B5. You may write or communicate with them directly without we being involved
B6. We do not charge for recommendations.

Kindly write to info@internationalarbitration.in